Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

90-min Treatment: $265
2-Hour Treatment: $350

Packages available upon request

S.F.M has an accumulative effect the more treatments you experience the more pronounced and long lasting.

For best results this treatment is recommended weekly for 6 to 10 consecutive weeks.

Once a month maintenance to follow.

Add on:
Celluma Medical LED Red Light Therapy

30-min: $50

Packages available upon request

Created by NASA and FDA approved, medical-grade light therapy uses targeted light wavelengths to stimulate tissue, enhancing cellular function for therapeutic benefits. This treatment is valued for its healing, anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used across medical fields. It accelerates tissue repair, rejuvenates skin, improves its tone, texture, and clarity, combats acne, and boosts circulation.

Specifically, red light therapy effectively reduces wrinkles, increases collagen production, and firms, tightens, and brightens the skin.

With all treatments, it is advised to come with makeup free skin.