Total Wellness with Erica

“Finding Balance Within”


Consultation (Virtual 1.5-Hour Session)

Durring your initial consultation we will evaluate your intake forms (Fill out  your Intake forms here) and determine your current state of health. Based on your assessment, personalized life style enhancing recommendations will be given to reach your individual goals. These can include; diet and nutrional adjustments, gentle rejuvenation and cleansing protocols, easy to use herbal formulas, stress management, emotional healing and physical movement. Each one working in harmony to balance the body and mind and awaken the spirit.

Follow Up (Virtual 1-Hour Session)

Follow ups are important as the path to wellness takes time and consistency, checking in will allow for adjusting, modifying, and maintaining your wellness path and reaching your goals.

Set of 3 Follow Ups (3 Virtual 1-Hour Sessions)

Set of 6 Follow Ups (6 Virtual 1-Hour Sessions)


In person sessions can be arranged (Price subject to change)

Order Herbs

Our herbs are of the highest quality from Dosha Botanicals. Custom made formulas from an Ayurvedic Doctor will be recomended at the time of your consultation. Order yours today!